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BDO Bank & ID21 - Build Strong Room and install BRD25

Date: Sept 2018
Model: BRD25 & Kaba Axessor Series (USB)
Job Description: Build Strong Room, Install BRD25, Kaba Axessor Series (USB), Breathing Tube & Cash Deposit Locker

Consumer - Force open V180E Safe

Date: Jan 2019
Client: Consumer
Safe Model: V180E
Job Description: Force open of V180E and replace combination lock

Floc - Safe HST150

Date: Oct 2017
Client: NUDE Grill + Chill (Restaurant)
Safe Model: HST150
Job Description: Supply HST150 safe

Glory Force Open Job

Date: Sept 2016
Client: Glory Global
Safe Model: Global RBG-100
Job Description: Force open of 1 safe at Glory Global – Drilling and repair the safe

Logistic Security Solution - Door Installation

Date: March 2017
Client: Logistics Security Solutions Pte Ltd. (Subsidiary of Transnational Company Pte Ltd)
Door Model: 5 inch Vault Door by CASSA (Indonesia)
Job Description: To provide expertise and skilled technical personnel to Install 1 x vault door; inclusive of moving the vault door from loading bay to the site.

Restaurant - Replace S&G lock

Date: Sept 2018
Client: Restaurant
Lock Model: S&G 3006-102 Audit lock with keypad, Pivotbolt
Job Description: Replace S&G lock at 4 branches.

Punjab Jewellers Install SSM50 Vault Door and Build Strong Room

Date: March 2018
Client: Punjab Jewellers (Gold Shop)
Model: Strong room (8’H x 4’W x 6’D) + SSM50 Vault Door
Job Description: Build strong room + Install SSM50 vault door

Strong Room & Vault Door Installation

Job Description: Strong room and vault door installation for CIT companies

Forced Open of ATM Machine

Job Description: Forced open of ATM machine by professional and certified technician

Vault Door Installation

Job Description: Vault door installation in Singapore bank

Lite Strong Room & Vault Door Installation

Job Description:  Construction of lite strong room and vault door installation for pawn shop in Singapore

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